Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Foals keep us on our toes

I feel lame for making my first two posts in a row about the same band, I'll try not to let this happen often. However on Foals's website they have a little puzzle for us, and some atmospheric background music!

The layout is this:


A couple things to note:

It's a picture of a beach with rocks on it, or at least a picture of a group of rocks, either way the shore seems to be a reoccurring theme judging by this picture and the music video of Spanish Sahara.

The rocks are split into three circle in the middle, when clicked the circle that you click will move, you are suppose to match them in place with the lyrics, once done it creates this image


The picture with the lyrics connected, they read:

"Bite my nails to the quick
And run back home
To where I belong
Where I was born"

The third picture is the most important. For once you put together the puzzle and click it, this shows up:


It appears we will be getting a surprise tomorrow. I think it might be too early for a new song after Spanish Sahara, but with the lyrics in the picture it looks like that may be what we are getting. Here's hoping for more tour dates or possibly a release of the album artwork? Either way what also makes this important is in the top right it says 2/10. The two before this as they were the same page read 1/10. So looks like today won't be the end of our mysteries!

Once I hit back I got this page:


The same puzzle without the lyrics, but when put together, the second picture pops up and then the third when clicked.

The website itself:

So it appears as Foals will be giving us some goodies tomorrow, and that there are more to come!

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