Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spanish Sahara

New Foals song that was released yesterday and is incredibly fantastic. Model demonstration of a band and how they should mature musically. Unlike their previous material, 'Spanish Sahara' is more downbeat as well as simplistic, but more importantly has very little techno elements, a signature aspect of Foals's songs. A friend of mine, Wes, pointed out how in the background you can hear a similar noise which is heard in Bloc Party's Ion Square, of whom Foals's have said to be the teeny-boppy version of which with more dance and math rock influences. Either way, 'Spanish Sahara' will give you chills, nostalgia, fear, joy, and make you ponder. It is a master of atmosphere and of building up. A simple masterpiece and a much needed improvement in Yannis's lyrics and vocals.

'Spanish Sahara'

Foals's new album, Total Life Forever, will be released on May 10th. They will begin their tour of the U.K. in late April into May, be sure to go.

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  1. May 10th needs to be tomorrow! This might be the song to turn me into a Foals fanboy:D You've nailed it with that description of Foals's progress.