Friday, January 21, 2011

New Antlers Album in May "This is not a sad record."

I really don't like making a post about news I all get from one source, makes it a little pointless, except for my 2 cents which I know you all care about so much.

The Antlers are suppose to have a new album out in May following their 2009 album "Hospice". I am not hesitant to call "Hospice" my favorite album of all time. No album has shattered me, crushed my soul, trampled my heart, and drenched my eyes the way that "Hospice" has. Any album that is that emotionally moving is truly something spectacular.

According to Peter Silberman, the creative force behind the Antlers, their new album is suppose to be electro. I'm not too enthusiastic about this right now. "Hospice" was excellent because of the lyrics, the story it told, and the emotion it made the listener feel. An electro album won't really be able to get this across, Silberman said it's not a sad record, so what do the Antlers have when you take away their power to destroy listeners?

In the interview he mentioned "For a while, I thought the next logical step from Hospice was to make some very sad, post-Hospice concept record." That would had been probably the best move for fans and the worst move commercially. I would have loved it, and I'm sure others would had too, but it if they would had done that it would had been impossible for them to escape the story line of "Hospice", if they ever wanted too.

It's too early to tell how it'll turn out, but right now, I'm a bit anxious on how this will turn out and whether or not if it'll be worth the wait. They just tweeted today that they're officially done with the record. Time to just wait and see.

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