Thursday, January 13, 2011

Minks - By the Hedge

Debut album out by Minks called "By the Hedge". It's fantastic, get it now. Very dark at some points while at others very poppy. They received a decent (though not enough) coverage last year with their single 'Funeral Song' in which basically everyone said they sound like the Cure. I don't, and never will, understand how a band can sound like the Cure when the Cure have 200 different types of sounds. We talking 'Homesick', 'Just Like Heaven', 'Why Can't I Be You', 'Disintegration', or 'Boys Don't Cry'? Anyway, hardly anything is known of Minks right now, I've looked everywhere and can't find anything, except for apparently they sound like the Cure. I love the vocals they have though, usually a mixture of a girl and guy at the same time, though it's almost all indecipherable. I'm also sure there's 5 of them. Anyway, "By the Hedge" is a great way to start off the year by revisiting the 80s.

(Holy shit! Highest rated comment says they sound like the Cure!)

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