Friday, July 30, 2010

Interpol - Lights, Carlos D, Barricade, Letterman! (The Resurrection!)

Interpol's fourth self-titled album is due to come out in September, the 7th. 

The first song released from this album has been 'Lights'. Ironically it shares the name of Editors's first song from their first album, and I've always believed that Interpol and Editors have more than enough in common, a baritone singer, both heavy on guitars, abstract (and often nonsensical) lyrics, and finally, after their third album, both lead singers decided to take a break and create a solo album (though this can be seen with other bands, The Strokes, Bloc Party, etc.).

Unfortunately 'Lights' fails to bring anything new to the table, Interpol seems to remain the same band that they were 9 years ago with "Turn On the Bright Lights." The same absent minded lyrics, Paul's baritone voice singing similar melodies, and basic guitar riffs that can be traced to the beginning of their career.

Shortly after 'Lights' was released online Carlos D., the bass player, announced that for personal reasons he would be leaving the band. Fortunately the album has been finished and Carlos was quickly replaced by another bassist for live performances and Interpol has also recruited a keyboardist at the same time.

Another song was released online which Interpol has confirmed will be the first single, 'Barricades'. A song that I believe is much better  than 'Lights' because in it Paul reaches a high pitch that listeners are not use to, it has surprised me on every listen and it's excellent to hear variation in such a consistent band.

Finally, Interpol were on Letterman Tonight and played 'Barricades'.

Still excited to see them 8/11 and will probably arrive at the venue around 1:00!

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