Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Kele's first single from his new album "The Boxer" is 'Tenderoni'. It was played for the first time about a half ago on Radio 1 with Zane Lowe (eww). "The Boxer" has a LOT of hype around it, all reviews are extremely positive, even going as far as saying it's the best thing Kele's every worked on, better than "Silent Alarm" (2005).

The song starts off pretty gripping, it'll catch your ear. However, it's important to remember this is a dance tune, and it does a really great job at doing that. The chorus is pretty explosive, it has a lot going on, I just imagine like Kele singing and huge fireworks and lights going off, so obviously it fits a club perfectly. 

But the song other then a club song is pretty rank. It'll hook you in, but it'll do nothing to keep you there. The song has almost nothing going on in it it feels. Kele seems to refuse to sing in this song and instead whispers, and as always Kele is almost impossible to interpret, and with a dance song, he's reached a new height of unclarity. There is a part in the song that slows down and picks back up within 3 seconds that I applaud Kele for doing. A nice synth near the end is very catchy as well. However without these 2 additions the track as a whole fails. It's good for a club dance, but other than that the song will not satisfy you. 

Regardless of 'Tenderoni' "The Boxer" is suppose to be phenomenal, something I never did believe, and 'Tenderoni' strengthens this belief. 

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