Monday, April 5, 2010

Vampire Weekend = New Love

I just received their first album, I received Contra a couple months ago. This band is just amazing. Very quirky and genuine. I love how much they've progressed between the two albums, you can completely see how they've matured but still kept their signature sound. Their first self-titled album had very little rhyme and reason. It was like giving kids with ADHD guitars and telling them to go at it at times. Very few songs followed a formula at all. But it still worked. You listen to 'One' which I think is the worst song on the album, and  you listen to the drumming and it's so elementary, it has no rhythmic pattern to it but it still works. It reminds me of the scene in Tarzan where all the apes are playing with the pots and pans at the camp. In 'Boston' there's a random part where the whole song just slows down and gets very depressing and sporadically picks back up. No one could had seen this coming, and it really doesn't fit the song at all. But all these faults still gets you going, it still gives you adrenaline and energy and you fucking love it. Campus is a masterpiece lyrically and musically. A-Punk is a the best song for both the guitars, drums, and bass. Oxford Comma is a witty and hilarious song bashing Ivy League society. The whole album is aimed at the society of the east, references to the ivy towers, Boston, Cape Cod, Walcott, all of it is a huge satire on the east coast culture. Ironically with "Contra" Ezra decided to change the focus to the west coast with Horchata, California English, and Holiday primarily. "Contra" sees a huge evolution in the band as well. More musical pattern is put into it, the songs flow easily and it seems more professional. They still keep their notorious afrobeat sound however, mainly through Chris and his excellent reggae like drumming. Ezra has also mastered his voice in "Contra" as there is a lot less yelping and voice cracking as there was in 'Cape Kwasa Kwasa'.

Excellent band. Both albums are excellent. Their third album might be one of the best works of the decade if they improve as much as they did from "Vampire Weekend" to "Contra". Their signature sound might be seen through a lot more bands as their reputation, and more importantly, musical skill rise and improve. 

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  1. LOL@"giving kids with ADHD guitars and telling them to go at it" hahaha