Friday, April 2, 2010

I love songs that fade into each other

It takes so much artistic skill to be able to do that I love it. I recently acquired 'The Back Room' by Editors after only listening to a few select songs (Blood, Munich, All Sparks, Distance, Bullets, and Fall). Anyway I love how beautifully 'Open Your Arms' flows into 'Distance'. Another example is how well 'Alastian Cousin' flows into 'Little Man What Now?' on Morrissey's solo debut 'Viva Hate', though Stephen Street does not master it as well as Editors does.

Here are both 'Open Your Arms' and 'Distance'!


Ah! How did I forget Bloc Party's cover of Prince's 'I Would Die For You' that goes beautifully into 'Flux'!

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