Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness Snippet

"We got the right to live by the music
Got everything and you can just choose it
I won't just be a puppet on a string
Don't go that way
I'll wait for you
and I'm tired of..."

and so we have it, the Strokes first new material in 5 years. Rhythm heavy. Starts off very bluesy, which they hinted at in interviews. At 10 seconds, following a small drum section, what I'm guessing is the bridge comes in. It's pretty great. Nick really kicks ass with the guitar on this song, and adds a lot with his backing vocals. Fab is rocking the drums in this too. And of course, as always, Julian is making our hearts swing with his vocals.

To me, this seems like where the Strokes should have gone after "Is This It" and where we all expected them to go. It's has the same feeling, a bit more poppy and happier sounding, but the guitars in it are very similar to those of "Is This It". The guitar sounds like 'Last Nite' but the feel of it is more like '12:51'. I'm expecting great things from this.

The first single from "Angles" which is out to release on 3/22 is this, 'Under Cover of Darkness' which according to Amazon, will be available on 2/15.

Fuck yeah.