Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coachella 2011 - Sold out in less than a week

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This year's Coachella sold out in under a week. Last year's Coachella sold out mid-April, and 2009 didn't sell out at all. The biggest music festival in the country, that attracts over a 250,000 has just sold out in 5 days, a impressive amount of time and a record for the festival.


Is it the lineup which I have posted above? With headliners such as Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Kanye West, and the Strokes? All that plus the reunion of Death From Above 1979?


The 2010 lineup, was not as impressive as this year's and consequently did not sellout.
The 2009 lineup though, featuring Paul McCartney, The Killers, Morrissey, and The Cure definitely had a better lineup than this years, and did sellout, but not as quickly.


Is it because of the rising popularity in the Indie scene? Arcade Fire's the Suburbs did hit #1 in the U.S. charts and is nominated for a Grammy under the Best Album category. Kanye West has been one of the few artists to be loved almost universally by those who listen to both mainstream and underground music, his appearance definitely caused a spike in popularity for the festival this year.

I'm more inclined to this reason, obviously the lineup had a great deal to do with it, but the rising popularity of the festival, and the music scene itself I believe is the dominant reason for the sudden sellout for Coachella this year.

Still, totally out of the blue and unexpected.

What I'm really interested to see is if tickets will be sold later in the year (I doubt it) or how this will be handled next year.

Let's hope Lolla is managed much more professionally.

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