Saturday, March 6, 2010

Foals Clue 4 Galore!

Pics are as follow:


"The future is not what it use to be"


Once again the last one says 5/10 and not 4/10. The music this time has some lovely strings in it, quite beautiful!

Here's the videos for the 5th of March sound and the 6th of March sound respectively, once again a special thanks to 'maggotbass'!

Furthermore I'd like to thank 'crouchfj' from the Foals forum for posting a link to a French website that when translated tells us this:

"Last week we were invited to last ONE SHOT NOT Manu Katche (superb broadcast on Arte).Well imagine you in that the guests were famous FOALS who appeared for their first live release since their studio - to record the second album Total Life Forever. Only one thing to say, looks like our friend BIG SUCCESS!.
After a short presentation to the téloche, Yannis Philippakis and his pals played the first two singles from the album - This Spanish Sahara and East - two really good tracks, the first is to discover below."

The video is the Spanish Sahara video I posted in my first entry and the website link can be found here

User '!Ivan' posted a link to Jack Bevan's twitterpage (drummer of Foals) which showed a picture of an underwater tank in a studio leading speculation to the next music video to be underwater. Foals seem to be going with a very organic and natural feel with the publicity to go with their album. The website pictures are all of nature, the Spanish Sahara music video, and now this.

Twitter Page:

Picture: Photobucket

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